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Ministry to Women

'Unless the Lord builds the house, 

they labor in vain who build it.'

Psalm 127:1

I have been involved with women’s ministry for the past 20 years. It has been my greatest joy to minister the Word of God in power and authority. It is very easy, in the culture we are living in, to get discouraged and weary of the journey.

As a women’s leader at my local church for 10 years, with a weekly bible study of 100 women, the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of many women setting them free from the chains that were binding them. The Lord has taken me from my local church to women across the nation speaking to women about the goodness of God and the authority we have in His Name.

A few of the topics I have addressed are When God Is Silent, When You Are Weary of Waiting, Surrender the Secret, Fear Is A Liar, and Shame Off You.

Because of all of the years I worked with teenagers, I also speak to many parents and especially mom’s about raising their kids in a culture that is spinning out of control. Parents vs. the Culture…Who Wins? Are you aware that the battle is intensifying for the heart of your teen? Are you aware that you are their first line of defense? I address the challenges facing today’s teens and how, with the truth of God’s Word, parents can confront the culture and win!

A few of the topics I include: recognize you are your child’s greatest role model; speak candidly about sexual integrity, pornography and sexting; monitor your teens’ friendships and encourage your teen to embrace their true identity in Christ.

It is my hope that you realize that whatever the battle, the Lord is with you. He sees…He understands… and He holds your child in the palm of His hand.
“For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you, to fight for you, against your enemies to give
you victory.” Deuteronomy 20:4
I am available to speak at women’s events, seminars, conferences and also school chapels, commencement addresses, retreats and parents conferences. Please go to my booking page to
schedule an event!

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